Festivals and events are the places to inspire people and to give them an idea aobut a sustainable change. I can fill your program with a few minutes up to a multi-day activity. I like personal contact and to think about how I can be of added value to you. I share my fascination plastic in various ways. Making the public enthusiastic about how you can work from waste is something I aspire to. Passing on knowledge through a workshop and/or lecture is a way to give the participants the information and inspiration about the value of plastic. In the field of plastic, I can tell you everything about what it is, how the industry works, what the major obstacles are, how you can recycle, how you can work with color and what benefits does it have to work from waste. I create the feeling that there is space for change, personal interpretation, new insights, questions and interaction. Many people want to work with less plastic and/or from plastic waste, but don’t know how? After 5 years of experimenting within the industry and my own practice, I share my knowledge both in the Netherlands and English, online and offline.


2021 Dutch Design Week – NL
2021 Analog Eco, grafische werkplaats Den Haag – NL