We all know that waste is a big problem, art and design can help to provide information and inspiration in this toppic. The aim is to enthuse the viewer to also get moving to use our raw materials differently. Are you looking for objects that fit within this story? Responsible work with a vision that shows that it is possible to process waste aesthetically? Do you have a large room or one wall that can be filled with pieces of art? Do you prefer an artwork what you already know or do you like to have new work that no one has seen yet? Both are possible, I like to think with you about how I can add value to your (exhibition)space.

I like to show how you can experiment with waste, color and techniques on the base of research and the creative process. Since my studies I have a fascination with plastic. I especially like the color variation. For years I have been recycling my own plastic by type and color on a small scale and have made my own raw material from this. I process this raw material into a ReColored color and material library, which is continuously supplemented. Each material sample is unique and stands alone as a work of art.



2021 Dutch Design Week – NL
2021 De Domijnen – NL
2021 Moscow design museum – RU
2021 Design week – RO