I like to share my expertise plastic in various ways. Making the public enthusiastic about how you can work from waste is something I aspire to. Passing on knowledge through a workshop, lecture and project weeks is a way to give participants the information and inspiration to enthuse them to get moving. In the field of plastic, I can tell you everything about what it is, how the industry works, what the major obstacles are, how can you recycle, how do you work with color and what benefits does it have to work from waste. I approach it inspiring and informative to enrich the participant. I create the feeling that there is space for sustainable change, personal interpretation, new insights, questions and interaction. Many people want to work with less plastic and/or from plastic waste, but don’t know how? After 5 years of experimenting within the industry and my own designstudio, I share my knowledge both in the Netherlands and English, online and offline. Schools, workplaces, libraries and other knowledge institutes are the places where the future is being shaped. I am committed to this, preferably in a personal way. Tell me the rules of your activity and I will tailor my story. Together we create an informative and inspiring story.



2021 Nimeto Utrecht – NL
2021 Hout en Meubileringscollege – NL
2021 Academy for Fine Arts and Design – NL
2020 Isia Firenze Design – IT
Academy for Fine Arts and Design – NL
2019 ECI Cultuurfabriek – NL