I, Jessica den Hartog, make colorful graphic objects out of waste. In recent years I have worked as an artist and as a teacher at Nimeto, a creative MBO school in Utrecht.

My heart beats faster when I experience creativity, by myself and by someone else.

Space for experiments gives me a curious and analytical work attitude. I can now speak from experience that I find personal (work) relationships important. Discussing issues together, listening, sparring, translating creative ideas and enthusing has opened my eyes to what creativity means to me.

6 years ago I graduated from the Maastricht art academy with a color and material library of recycled plastics. Presenting the beauty and versatility of plastic waste gave me the opportunity to dive into this material and profile a new value to it. Since then I have worked with factories, labs, platforms, designers, museums and schools. During the process, research is the way for me to make new designs. I make my own collections consisting of different design studies on a specific subject. For example, my own font, compositions, grids, etc. It is a mix of one-offs and small editions for a colorful interior, decorated with attention. Knowledge is shared through photography and text through lectures, teaching, exhibitions and books.