Plastic is my greatest fascination and I like to talk about how you can work more sustainably with this material. From a few minutes to an hour. I’ll tell you about how the industry is tackling it, what the major obstacles are, how you can recycle plastic, where the big opportunities lie, what advantages it has, the colors and techniques for processing this material. I always approach the subject in an inspiring and informative way to enthuse and enrich the listeners to contribute themselves. Creating a feeling that together we can bring the change. There is space for personal interpretation, insights, interaction, questions and practical tips. Many people want to use less plastic or reuse plastic, but do not know how. Where do I start, what should I pay attention to? I give you the knowledge to experiment yourself, online and offline, at institutes, events, festivals, museums at companies. I speak in Dutch and English and show you how much more fun it is to work with waste. Personal contact is an added value for me, I would like to hear how we can create the lecture to both an informative and visual story for your audience.


2021 Hout en Meubileringscollege Rotterdam – NL
Textielfestival Leiden – NL
Maastricht Academy of fine arts and design – NL
2021 Isia Firenze – IT
2020 Chillabs Chemelot NL
2019 Deutsches Farbenzentrum – DE
2018 Fab City gran Paris – FR
2018 Designkwartier Talks – NL
2018 MoWoMo Turin – IT
2018 Broeinest Eindhoven – NL
2018 Swiss Textiles – NL
2018 Het nieuwe Instituut –NL