Research into material, people and circularity, designer Jessica den Hartog is experimenting with recycled plastic.

Jessica has had a fascination for plastic since her studies. The color variation is particularly important to her. That is why she recycles her own plastic on a small scale by type and by color, to create her own raw material. She has processed this raw material into her ReColored color and material library. During her research, the process is just as important as the result. Continuously wanting to build on the material in order to be able to apply it in an innovative way. Experimenting with material, color and technology always gives new insights and results.

Jessica sees her ReColored color and material library as a starting point for herself and for other designers and companies. The color and material library should feel like an invitation to get started. The focus is on personal interpretation of the recycled plastic material. Each sample stands on its own as a piece of art, before it is transformed into different materials and products. The discovery of new connections leads to new product insights. Jessica enjoys working with other designers and the industry. Mutual sharing of knowledge and techniques encourages and inspires each other to increase the usability of circular plastics.

Together it is possible to push the boundaries, so that the use of aesthetic, sustainable plastics becomes our future!