Jessica den Hartog (26), a Dutch designer located in Maastricht. She focuses on the society as a source of inspiration. Studying many bahaviors of people, materials and objects to reshape them.
By giving a new perspective, she wants to ensure innovation.

By doing research and studying the bahaviors of materials and objects, visualisations of how I would like to move myself come into existence. Taking care of developments from materials and objects. We can change our society till a circulair economy with a balance between functionality and aesthetics.

During the research, the process is equally important as the results. By going through the process step by step and experimenting with material, color and technique a specific result in attributes is obtained.

At the moment the focus is to give a personal interpretation on the material recycled plastic.Showing all the possibilities in a color and materiallibrary and change this till art and real products.

I see myself as a designer of interconnection; by working together with other disciplines and employing each other’s knowledge and talent, new perspectives can be gained and development can take place.