My name is Jessica de Hartog, (1992) I transform plastic waste into art/ graphic objects. Colorful objects to inspire and inform te viewer about the value of waste.  with the aim of informing and inspiring the viewer about the value of waste.

As a designer, I do the entire process myself. From collecting the plastic, recycling it and designing/making the products. The collections are various studies into the design of material, color and forms to design products.

It is a mix of one-offs and small editions for an interior that is decorated with attention. Knowledge is captured through photography and text and shared in lectures, teaching, exhibitions and book making.

I am also a teacher for 3 days a week. I teach ‘research’ Everything prior to a design is questioned and experimented to come to your own conclusions. The school is located at Utrecht, (Nimeto Utrecht) a creative MBO school.

On Mondays and tuesdays I work for the studio. For the most part I work on my own initiated assignments as a research desginer. If you want to contact me for an collaboration. I can best be reached these two days a week. From wednesday to friday I work as a research teacher at Nimeto Utrecht.