Almost everything we use today is packed. You eat your sandwich out of a plastic bag, we drink from a plastic cup, your eggplant and cucumber are wrapped in plastic. What would it be like if all these materials could be used continuously?

My name is Jessica de Hartog, I transform plastic waste into art objects with the aim of informing and inspiring the viewer about the value of waste.

By thinking further during the research and the making process, an experiment is created with material, color and technique. Ever since my studies I have had a fascination with plastic. Especially the color variation is important to me. For years I have been recycling my own plastic per type and color on a small scale and have created my own raw material from this. I process this raw material into my color and material library ReColored, which is continuously supplemented. Each sample stands alone as a artwork and has the value to be further developed into a greater existence. With the aim of inspiring you that disposable plastic should not exist.

Together we will generate the future of valuable raw materials.


I transform plastic waste into works of art with the aim of informing and inspiring the viewer about the value of waste.


The driving force is the creative process in which the experiment with color and technique is central. I share my knowledge and skills by giving workshops, lectures and exhibitions.


On Mondays and Tuesdays I work for the studio. For the most part I work on my own initiated assignments as a design researcher. If you want to contact me for possible collaborations, I can best be reached these two days a week.

From Wednesday to Friday I work as a researcher teacher at Nimeto Utrecht.