I have a fascination for plastic, because of all the material options and the choice of colours. I would like to share my expertise on how to receive with plastic waste. I like to create the feeling that we as a person can provide added value by working with waste and finding the beauty in this material.

I start the workshop with an inspiring presentation about what plastic is, what to dispose of, how you can work with plastic, what the major obstacles are and how and different techniques. During the workshop you mainly get to know how YOU can work with this material, the color and patterns ,be curious to create. By doing you get to know the material and you let your material examples and form studies arise. It’s so much more fun to develop your own creativity and even break free from your daily activities. The workshop can be applied from an hour to a day activity, for children to adults. I would like to hear your needs so that I can create a tailor-made workshop that suits your target group.


2022 Textielmuseum – Tilburg NL
Yksi connect- Eindhoven NL
Huis 73 – ‘s Hertogenbosch NL
2021 De Domijnen – Sittard NL
2021 MadeMaastricht – Maastricht NL
2021 Grafische Werkplaats – Den Haag NL
2021 Textielmuseum – Tilburg NL
2020 Het nieuwe Instituut – Rotterdam NL
2019 Public primary education – Dordrecht NL
2018 Broeinest – Eindhoven NL