Design helps to provide information and inspiration and to enrich the viewer with new insights and possibilities. My work lends itself to telling the story within a space about how you can transform plastic waste into art objects. Through analysis the research and the production process creates an experiment with material, color and technique. Since my studies I have a fascination with plastic. I especially like the color variation. For years I have been recycling my own plastic by type and color on a small scale and have made my own raw material from this. I process this raw material into a ReColored color and material library, which is continuously supplemented. Each material sample is unique and stands alone as an artwork, it also has the value to be further developed into a larger existence. With the aim of inspiring the viewer that we can move together to make disposable plastics no longer exist.


2021 Dutch Design Week – NL
2021 De Domijnen – NL
2021 Moscow design museum – RU
2021 Design week – RO