An ancient way of making textiles is by spinning threads from the cocoons of silkworms into yarns. Not all caterpillars spin threads around themselves when pupating. Some make a hard cocoon, this is called the chrysalis. Plastic packaging material can be seen as a kind of artificial cocoons, which are collected in this project and transformed into yarns and textiles. The Chrysalis project is therefore part of the new nature that we as human beings have created and the material cycle that we have to recreate in it.

Designers Jessica den Hartog and Michelle Baggerman are both fascinated in their own way by the possibilities of waste plastic. With their designs, Jessica and Michelle show the beauty and versatility of waste plastic and create new value and appreciation for this waste material, with the aim of increasing the usability of this material. Now they want to bundle their knowledge and expertise to research how industrial processes can be used to produce textiles from PE packaging material. To take the step from artistic research to industry, they work together with research institute AMIBM.

Work in process.