Design Project by Sara Polmar

Recolored, a new way of recycling

The industry recycles the plastic HDPE to the color gray, a neutral color, but also a very limiting color. As a designer I started a research to give my personal interpretation on the possibilities of recycled plastic. A material with its own quality and identity, originating from experiments with material, color and technique. In collaboration with the industry I translate all the colored bottles from a bale till aesthetics materials with different properties like: hard, soft, flexible, stiff, etc.

The research serves as a library of colors and materials in a never ending process. The ways in which materials and colors are used in the process will most likely change. Existing materials will be shredded and those fragments eventually will be processed into a new material. Color will be determined by materials of products that already exist. They won’t be completely pure anymore but come into existence because they are endlessly mixed to new colors. This new way of producing will cause that new color systems have to be created and that every material/product is unique again and carries a story along of how it is made.