Remade Textiles

Schônste wijk is a program of Art-fact / Buurtcultuur Tilburg from GoirkeWest-Hasselt. Residents and organizations submit wishes to make their neighborhood (and city) more beautiful, cleaner and more active. Together with artists, these wishes are translated into artistic concepts with the aim of realizing them.

Less plastic (waste on the street) is one of the wishes that has been converted into a workshop experiment to develop plastic waste into valuable materials and objects with basic tools. This is being worked on from various locations, there is no permanent workshop.

Plastic expert Jessica den Hartog has been involved since January 2020. Based on her knowledge of consumer plastic, she researches tools and develops useful techniques that convert plastics into aesthetic materials and objects. Sharing artistic knowledge is the goal. We make the process that Jessica goes through transparent, accessible and shareable for the public. We will do that in due course, among other things, through workshops within the Schônste wijk program.

Do you also have experience with upcycling plastic and do you think you can do something for us? Share that with us!