75 letters



Box of 75 letters

Product information
Project: Creative Notes
Size: 45 by 75 cm
Material: Paperwise paper, made from agricultural waste
Weight: 295 grams
Font: Jessica den Hartog
Text: The alphabet

The box of 75 letters is useful if you want to vary your personal texts at home. To make garlands/card holders, for example, a birth, birthday, Christmas or other celebration. It is a fun and easy way to learn the letters with children. You can also play word games such as galgje, scrabble or lingo.

4x     N 3x
B 2x     O 4x
C 2x     P 2x
D 4x    Q 1x
E 4x     R 4x
F 2x     S 4x
G 3x    T 4x
H 2x    U 3x
I 4x       V 2x
J 3x      W 2x
K 3x      X 3x
L 3x      Y 2x
M 3x     Z 2x