Agenda A4


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Agenda A4

Product information
Project Creative Notes
Format: A4
Year: every year, without data and with timetable
Material: 100% recycled paper
Weight: 90 grams
Font: designed by Jessica den Hartog


To be used every year.

Are you looking for structure? This agenda gives you a monthly and weekly overview. The agenda can be used immediately at any time. You can easily enter the dates and appointments yourself so that you get structure in your week and still feel happy when you open the agenda. There is room for notes.

The agenda is printed on demand. This means that it is only printed when you order. This prevents unnecessary waste and is much better for the planet. The shipping time is therefore +/- one week.

Project information

Creating my own signature from the self-produced ReColored films. A translation of image and language to generate an investigation into color and form.Each letter is uniquely designed and together they form a study of the alphabet.The letter is sold as unique, 1 letter A, 1 letter B, etc  and have been digitally converted into a font so that I can also print graphic work.