N – One of a kind


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N – One of a kind

Product information
Project Creative Notes
Format: A2 (400 by 600 mm)
Material: Paperwise paper, made from agricultural waste
Weight: 263 grams
Font: designed by Jessica den Hartog

Edition: One of a kind
Frame: Not included
Poster of Creative Notes are signed

Project information

Creating my own signature from the self-produced ReColored films.A translation of image and language to generate an investigation into color and form.Each letter is uniquely designed and together they form a study of the alphabet.The letter is sold as unique, 1 letter A, 1 letter B, etc.

The letter made of plastic film is sewn with cotton thread on a sheet of agricultural waste paper. And makes your interior colorful and unique.

The film is 98% recycled from plastic waste. Yellow comes from cleaning agent (Glorix), purple from shampoo (Andrelon), orange from drink caps, blue from mineral water caps and green from drink carton caps. I have recycled the plastic waste by color and by type of plastic.

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