Book: Remade Textiles




Upcycle plastic waste into valuable art objects with basic tools.
In this book you will get all the tips and tricks to get started yourself.

Plastic bags, fruit nets and plastic screens are processed using textile techniques. Think of weaving, knots, patterns, compositions, color research, etc. You can make very beautiful things with an iron and/or a heat press, scissors and baking paper. This book gives you just that one push to find your own creativity.

The book is an extra addition to a workshop, but can also be followed without a workshop.

In association with SchĂ´nste wijk, a program of Art-fact/Buurtcultuur Tilburg from GoirkeWest-Hasselt. Residents and organizations submit wishes to make their neighborhood (and city) more beautiful, cleaner and more active. Together with artists, these wishes are translated into artistic concepts with the aim of realizing them.

Language: Written in dutch