Wall calendar


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Wall calendar

Product information
Project Creative Notes
Format: 500 by 700 mm
Material: Paperwise paper, made from agricultural waste
Weight: 90 grams
Font: designed by Jessica den Hartog


To be used every year.

Are you looking for structure? With this wall calendar you can write down all your appointments, birthdays or other important things. Get an overview of your year in one view. Nice for your workplace or as an eye-catcher in your interior.

Project information

Creating my own signature from the self-produced ReColored films.A translation of image and language to generate an investigation into color and form.Each letter is uniquely designed and together they form a study of the alphabet.The letter is sold as unique, 1 letter A, 1 letter B, etc.

The letter made of plastic film is sewn with cotton thread on a sheet of agricultural waste paper. And makes your interior colorful and unique.

The film is 98% recycled from plastic waste. Yellow comes from cleaning agent (Glorix), purple from shampoo (Andrelon), orange from drink caps, blue from mineral water caps and green from drink carton caps. I have recycled the plastic waste by color and by type of plastic.

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