Workshop 11 december 2020 / 18.30 – 21.30 hrs.


Would you like to step into the shoes of a material designer yourself?With the plastic recycling workshop you can make your own personalized artworks / material samples from plastic waste.

During the workshop I will take you into the process of making new materials / objects from plastic bags and neatly.

We will look for diversity in different techniques such as: composition, collage, cutting, weaving, patterns and pressing with a heat press. A creative process after which you can take the results home with you immediately after the workshop.

Because of Corona, the workshop is now in small groups (per 3 participants) and time blocks of 3 hours at my studio in ‘s hertogen Bosch.

This means that the duration is the same as before, but with much more personal space for questions or interesting conversations. I am very curious if I will meet you here.

Tramkade 20
5211 VB ‘s hertogen Bosch


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