Workshop Groen doen 15 april 2021 / 20:15 – 21:15


Jessica den Hartog is specialized in creating new insights in the field of sustainability.She passes on her knowledge visually and in terms of content to also inspire and motivate you in a sustainable life.

In the workshop you will become interactively acquainted with what sustainable living can mean for you.

Be surprised by discovering in a playful way what the basica and challenge is of sustainable living. By responding interactively to a quiz and card game, you will keep up with the new knowledge. We end in one hour with writing an action plan, so you can easily continue living sustainably at home.

Do you want to live a greener life, but not sure how to start? Register now.

You can follow the workshop digitally from your own home, in an hour I will teach you the basics and convince you about how fun and easy it is to make your life more sustainable.

Workshop only in dutch.


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