Workshop plastic recycling x Yksi -januari 28-



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During the workshop: plastic recycling you will look at the possibilities of recycled plastic. We start the day with an inspiring presentation by Jessica den Hartog. She has specialized in plastic recycling for the past 4 years. Her research is a personal interpretation of the beauty of waste. How would you turn plastic waste into a material of a mold study?

Be guided by the material and what you discover during the molding process with color, form and technique. During the workshop, designer Jessica den Hartog offers various materials, techniques and knowledge, but above all completely owns it to adapt the material to your liking.

You will go home with 5 two-dimensional material samples and 2 three-dimensional shape studies. The workshop gives you tools to continue recycling plastic waste at home.

13:00 – 17:00

Yksi Eindhoven

– plastic bags
fruit nets
plastic bottles