Dutch Design Week 2019

What kind of image do you expect from products made from circular plastics? In this exhibition you explore the work from the very first approach. From 2D plastic material into 3D object, product and form. The material used comes from the ReColored color and material library by Jessica den Hartog. She recycles her own plastic on a small scale by type and by color, to create her own raw material.

For Jessica it is important to work together with designers and the industry. By sharing each other’s knowledge and skills in the process, you gain new insights. That is why she challenged four designers to use her material from the ReColored color and material library, to convert various samples into new products. With this exhibition we want to inspire and encourage you to increase the use of circular plastics. We invite you to rethink the limits within the plastic industry with us.


Designers: Daan Kruijssen, Jasmijn Muskens, Marijke Bruggink, Moyca Gort, Jessica den Hartog.